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I'm Kelly,
nice to meet you.

I'm a UX/UI designer and exhibiting artist with 6 years experience in visual design.

My education and certifications include :

-MFA in Visual Art
-Certification to teach K-12 art in the State of Fl
-Certification in UX/UI Design


How I got started in user research

After working as a teacher I truly learned the importance of education and always evolving.

From there, I decided to continue my education and take my visual art and design skills to the tech side.

What I've been working on 

I'm currently the UX designer with Landstar.

I work on independent freelance projects in my spare time. As a visual artist, my body of work consists of paintings and illustrations. I have occasional shows throughout the southeast.

What I'm curious about

I'm fascinated by the way technology integrates with nature. Seeing the way apps alter the way we interact with the world around is offers a world of opportunity.

Outside of design, I'm drawn to anyplace with water. I enjoy beach adventures, boating, fishing, and attempting golf to name a few.


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