UX/UI Design _ Responsive App 

fitted. is a responsive customizable exercise app to enhance the user's exercise experience and lifestyle journey. Designed to flawlessly transition from desktop, mobile,

to Apple watch 

ux/ui design _ responsive app

Tattoo clients need a way to connect and discover tattoo artists who fit their needs because they desire a stronger connection with the artists. This in turn creates a better outcome with a tattoo masterpiece they love.


Responsive web and mobile designs that can easily transfer from any device.


Branding design covers all aspects of creating a persona for your company. A few key components are logo design, print design, web icons and mockups.

CONSTRUCT copy.jpg

Drawing _ Illustration

Custom home and building drawings are created by hand with pen and ink. They have been used for logo design, commissioned by realtors and homeowners.

Drawing _ Illustration

Custom digital illustrations are created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Drawing _ Illustration

Full color hand drawn illustrations give off their own unique vibe. They are created by hand using a variety of colored drawing inks and pens. They are used for advertising, print sales, custom pieces, and book illustrations. 



The Destruction series body of work is meant to explore and question the human response to trauma. The trauma can be interpreted as both emotional and physical. The viewer is encouraged to decide which kind of trauma is being presented and how the one involved is effected. With the lack of human presence in all of the scenes, the viewer becomes the participant and the observer. The presence of human life is implied in all of the works while maintaining a sense of abandonment or displacement.


about the artist

Hey ya'll I'm Kelly Crabtree.

I'm a UX/UI designer and exhibiting artist with 7 years experience in freelance fine art, illustration, and graphic design.My specialty as an illustrator allows me to incorporate custom designs in my UI process. Along with creating art and designing, I'm passionate about teaching digital art and fine art to new learners.

My education and certifications include:

-MFA in Visual Art
-Certification to teach K-12 art in the State of Florida
-Certification in UX/UI Design

My design process varies depending on the user need but here are a few things I focus on:

User Research, User Testing - Preference, A/B, Usability, User Stories, Create Personas, User Flows, Wireframes - Low, Mid, and High Fidelity, Mood Boards, Style Guides, Icon Design, Prototypes, Logo Design and Branding



This is a collection of oil paintings on canvas that are currently available for sale. The Flower Series, The Conch House Marina and Venice Beach will be on display at St. Mark's A Vision For Art group show beginning August 29th.